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Yoga and Diversity: This Video Series is AMAZING

If you have poked around my website you know I struggle with feeling enough, knowing enough, being nice enough, loved enough, sexy enough, flexible enough, good enough. But I also struggle with the lack of diversity I see in terms of race in the yoga community. As I continue my journey as a practitioner and teacher of yoga, I often ponder and meditate on how I can begin to change the pre-conceived notions of what yoga is and who it is for in my community. I have prayed for insight, reassurance and inspiration. In other words I have prayed for a sign that I am on the right track and there is a need for what I desire to put out. Well, as always ask and it is given.

I came across this video series that completely depicts why I decided to be a yoga teacher and what I want to put out into the world through my teaching and this website. This is just the introduction but there are 4 in total. Each exploring yoga and diversity from many angles. I hope it inspires and touches you as it did me. Enjoy!

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