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"You can never step into the same river twice." Oshu

I heard this quote yesterday and I thought wow what true statement. Life is constant and never-ending change. Each moment is an opportunity to make new choices, have new experiences, and become more yourself. We need to pay attention because what is happening now in this moment will never happen again so don't waste your time taxing back or looking forward. Just become completely immersed in what is right in front and around you.

This is true of our yoga practice as well. Each time I come to my mat it really is a new experience. Even if its the same sequence I did yesterday or 100 times before its brand new me and a brand new experience. As you move through your practice the next time become aware of how you are with each sequence, how you are different, how you are the same and be present to how you meet each moment. be present to how you want to be in each moment and take the opportunity to be fully present, to be fully you.

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