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The Teacher

I have studied Yoga for over a decade first as a way to reduce stress,  then to get a J Lo body but some where along the way it became less about my physical well being and more about my whole being.  I have struggled with body image my entire life and allowed this to stop me from expressing and experience my life fully.

Teaching Yoga is always something that I wanted to do but thought, who would follow a fat Yoga teacher?  Now, I am turning the tables and am no longer fat but PHAT and FABULOUS.  I am every woman, a real person who will no longer be held back by some narrow view of what it is to be beautiful, healthy and whole.  This practice has helped me discover well, me.  I have found my voice, my passion and my purpose.  My mission is to de-mysytify Yoga and create a safe space for others to discover who they are inside and out through the practie of yoga.  Big or small, short or tall, young or old - let's do Yoga.  

Omega Jefferson


Omega has been a practitioner of yoga for over a decade.  After the encouragement and inspiration of Leslie Salmon Jones of AfroFlow Yoga in Boston she decided to take the leap from student to teacher.  She completed her 200 hour Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training at the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health under the transformative teachings of Priti Robyn Ross, Jay Karlinski and Erica Arce.  Omega also spent 4 months studying Kundalini meditation with Siri Kaur at Burlington County College.   What started as a daily 90 minute break from the demands of work and family has turned into a new way of experiencing herself and life.  In addition to bringing her balance and increased physical fitness, this practice continues to influence and enhance all aspects of her life from work to relationships to how she relates to the world.




FIRST Session FREE!​​​


Are you in the New Jersey or Greater Philadelphia Area and curious about practicing yoga but a bit self conscious? No worries, I will come to you.  You can even invite a couple of your friends if space allows to experience yoga together.

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