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The Practice

Pranotthan yoga is a form of Hatha yoga focused on developing our natural intuitive voice through awareness of body, breath and thought patterns.  By becoming more aware of how we feel in our bodies, how we breath and the way we think we are able to make more mindful choices that better serve every aspect of our being both on and off the mat.  


Your journey begins simply by showing up.  Showing up consistently and completely and with the intention to be present and nurture yourself each day.  Yes this practice can and will make you stronger, leaner and Gumby flexible but it will also bring you gifts you never expected.  


I am honored to support and encourage you on this journey.  Namaste

FIRST Session FREE!​​​


Are you in the New Jersey or Greater Philadelphia Area and curious about practicing yoga but a bit self conscious? No worries, I will come to you.  You can even invite a couple of your friends if space allows to experience yoga together.

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