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 Classes, Sessions and Events
Foundations:  Yoga Basics

This practice is for beginners and novice practitioners alike.  The focus of this practice is on breath, alignment, and body awareness. This class will begin with breathing exercises (pranayama) to bring relaxation and mental focus.  Postures and flow sequences such as sun saluations warm the body and develop body awareness, learning to match breath with movement and creating proper alignment.  We end with deep relaxation and meditation to integrate the benefits of the practice and promote peace of mind through stillness.


The practice is an invigorataing flow within a conscious and caring environment.  You are encouraged to work at your own pace, follow the modificaitons offered as needed and really practice self care and compassion.

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​Flow: Gentle Vinyasa and Vinyasa flow

The Gentle Vinyasa flow class promotes balance and relaxation through slow mindful movement with an emphasis on body and breath awareness.  The class will begin with centering and breath awareness, slowly moving into poses and sequences that match breath to movement creating a moving meditation that slows the mind and relaxes the body.  Each session ends with deep relaxation and meditation.


The Vinyasa flow class is a physically challenging class which integrates physical poses, breath work, meditation, music and other traditional elements of yoga designed to be fun and accessible for all experience levels. Variations and/or modifications will be offered throughout to enable each student to customize the practice to what they need at that time and make the practice their own. The class will begin with centering and breath awareness (pranayama), warming sequences (pratapana) to prepare the body for various yoga posture sequences (asanas) which focus on building strength, balance and flexibility and then wind down with gentle stretches and restorative poses ending with a deep relaxation and meditation.

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​Breath: Meditation and Visualization

Meditation can be a transformative practice both physically and mentally.  The ability to deepen the breath, slow the mind and still the body for even a small period of time can regulate blood pressure, improve your immune system, decrease stress, increase mental acuity and so much more. Suffice it to say it is beyond good for you and it is the foundation and destination of all yoga practice. In these sessions, you will be introduced to the following:

  • Breathing meditations, which use the breath to slow the thoughts and promote relaxation.

  • Visualization:  In addition to breath there will be guided visual imagery to create stillness and relaxation.

  • Mantra meditation which is a word or phrase to calm the thoughts and focus ones attention for a period of time. 

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Programs and Sessions

Book a session or consultation
Corporate Programs

Having mind-body programs like yoga on company grounds can help employees improve their productivity and mental clarity while reducing the number of their sick days and creating a happier anf friendlier place to be,


We can arrange before work, lunchtime, or afterwork classes.  Some benefits are:


• Increase in mental clarity and focus
• Ability to remain at ease in the midst of challenge
• Flexibility in body and mind
• Physical strength, endurance and well being
• Increase in energy level and productivity
• Reduction in stress
• Happier employees


Contact me to discuss bringing Yoga to your workplace.



Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath, and touch. It can be practiced by any two people and is a great way to strengthen a relationship by fostering trust and communication.


Partners rely on each other’s support to keep correct body alignment, balance and focus in a posture. When you feel physically supported, not only do you experience a yoga posture differently, but you also begin to allow yourself to trust someone else. 


Partner Yoga is an exhilarating and challenging practice. But don’t just take my word for it - try it for yourself!

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Want to practice Yoga but do not want to do it wth a group of people.  Is your schedule too busy to go to a studio?  If so, lets do yoga in a location convenient for you.   We can arrange one on one sessions in your home.

They are a great way to begin or deepen your practice. 


Semi-private and organized groups can also be set up. Whether you want to practice at your home or reserve a time at our yoga center, we can develop a program to meet your needs.

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