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​And now the inquiry of yoga begins

Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit through the consistent practice of postures, breath and mental focus.  Yoga doesn't lead you to a destination but takes you on a journey of discovery.  Discovery of what feels good in your body, how breath moves in the body and discovery of the patterns of thought that influence our choices, our joy and our peace.  This practice is for every body, every age, female or male, rich or poor.  In a time of constant stimulation and self neglect, I challenge you to take moments to still the body, still the mind, take a deep breath and come back to yourself. 

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Book a Class in Princeton, NJ​​​


Join me, Omega Jefferson, every Sunday at 6:00 pm for a physically challenging and flowing yoga class, which integrates physical poses, breath work, meditation, music and other traditional elements of yoga designed to be fun and accessible for all experience levels. Variations and/or options are offered so that each student can deepen their practice in a spacious environment. The class is diverse and sequencing will vary. In general, these classes offer a more vigorous approach to yoga.


$17 for drop-in 


Princeton Center for Yoga & Health · Orchard Hill Center · 88 Orchard Road, Skillman, NJ 08558, USA · 609-924-7294



FIRST Session FREE!​​​


Are you in the New Jersey or Greater Philadelphia Area and curious about practicing yoga but a bit self conscious? No worries, I will come to you.  You can even invite a couple of your friends if space allows to experience yoga together.

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